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The 1970s saw great progress in the US and the world. The post-World War II economic expansion had brought about sustained and high growth in many countries. Women and minorities were still active, environmental issues were more important and rock and disco music dominated charts.

In the 1970s, the United States was clearly in the "Space Race", thanks to the Apollo 11 mission that landed humans on the Moon in 1969. In May 1970, a new American company announced a groundbreaking product and revealed the breitling replica watches,breitling replica watches which was the first digital wristwatch. It happened just 10 months after this historic achievement.

Hamilton has brought back the iconic Hamilton PSR from the 1970s. There are two versions of the PSR available: one in stainless and one with yellow gold PVD. The limited edition of 1,970 copies is only. The Hamilton PSR, with its bracelet and cushion-shaped case, is a reissue of the breitling replica watches P2. It retains the stunning avant-garde design and Space Age style that made it so popular 50 years ago. The PSR is more than a novelty. It is a well-crafted and solid timepiece that taps into the nostalgia associated with this period of discovery and progress. The PSR is also a hybrid display that combines reflective LCD (Liquid Crystal Device) and emissive OLED ("Organic Light Emitting Diodes") technologies. Hamilton and the Swatch Group's R&D team developed this module in-house. This allows the original watch to remain intact without losing its functionality.

The cool effect of red OLED numerals appearing in their "digit dots" style is still there. However, thanks to the reflective LCD technology, the time can now be seen in daylight conditions.breitling replica watches The watch uses very little energy due to the hybrid display technology. To set the time, the PSR eliminates the magnet bar that was hidden in the bracelet clasp. The bracelet features a double folding clasp, and the single pushbutton at the case's side now has all the functions of setting and displaying the time.

The Hamilton PSR is a fashionable offering that will appeal to a new generation, given the current trend of sneaker revival and vintage-revival. The Hamilton PSR is a watch that's both timeless and modern. It's a well-crafted piece with a space-age design that's still relevant today. The first digital watch was cool in 1970s, and it hasn't lost that crown 50 years later.

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